Meadowlark schools in Winston-Salem share Christmas spirit with crossing guards

Meadowlark Crossing Guards

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Meadowlark Elementary and Middle Schools share everything.

The two Winston-Salem schools share a campus, long drop off and pick up lines and crossing guards. Kalina Gidley and Bryson Gidley-Wade are a brother and sister crossing guard team.

With their help, parents and school buses move quickly in and out of the very busy campus.

"I try to do a good job, and it's nice to be appreciated," Kalina said. "It's nice to know that I am doing a good job,."

During the Christmas season, the schools wanted to show the cross guards how much they care.

The schools' Parent Teacher Association noticed the damage to the crossing guard's car. About a year and a half ago, Kalina said an eighteen-wheeler crashed into the left, rear door.

The accident shattered the window and made the back door unusable. Plastic wrap fills the gap where a rear window should be.

"Having to pile up everybody in the back on one side for over a year has been very difficult," Kalina said.

After another busy time at the two schools, the PTA invited Dustin Shoaf to look at the damaged door. Shoaf is the Shop Manager at Pat's Body Shop and Towing.

He said he could fix the broken rear door and busted window for free.

"It feels good. It's Christmastime," Shoaf said. "It's something that we take for granted, having a window and door you can get out. Makes you feel good as a person."

Parts were ordered and the repairs were made in less than a day. Kalina's large family immediately put all four doors to work.

"We went to the store last night with no problem," Kalina said. "Everybody got in on their own side. My niece was like 'Yes!'"

Meadowlark Elementary and Middle Schools were not done spreading holiday cheer.

On an extremely rainy Tuesday morning, Kristen Yount and other PTA members walked through the drop off line to collect money for the hard-working crossing guards.

"They were wonderful," Yount said. "The majority of the people that came through the car line, it was raining on Tuesday morning, no one hesitated to roll down the window and hand us the money."

The donation was split and Kalina and her brother Bryson received a kind gift.

The family can't believe the generosity shown by Meadowlark Elementary and Middle Schools.

"Awestruck. At a loss for words," Kalina said.

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