Summer Car Care

Summer is officially here and the temperature and humidity is here to stay for a while. We have been seeing some of the usual issues that the intense heat brings in the shop the last few weeks. Here are a few quick tips to make sure that your summer driving is comfortable and above all safe.

1. Get a radiator checkup

A winter of salted roads can eat away at your radiator’s core, which can lead to leakage and, ultimately, an overheated engine. The mechanic can check for damage and clogs (a clogged radiator makes it harder for coolant to pass through) and flush your cooling system if necessary.

2. Check your battery

If you live in cold weather, you’ve probably experienced a dead battery more than once. But did you know the heat can pack a pretty mean punch too? Heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which can lead to corrosion. If it’s been a while since you bought your last battery, ask the mechanic to give it a look.

3. Put your AC to the test

It’s so much better to find out your air conditioning needs a tweak before the temperature becomes unbearable. If your AC feels weak, it could be blocked or need more Freon. While you may be tempted to save the money and just roll down the windows, consider this: the belt that’s powering your air conditioner may also be powering other parts of your engine. In fact, ignoring a weak AC could actually cause your engine to overheat.

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