Accidents happen

So many times we hear stories from customers about a past body shop or accident experience. Here are a few things to remember when you’re involved in an accident and have to get your vehicle repaired. Many insurance companies have established relationships with body shops in your area. They may ask you to take your vehicle there for the repair or the initial estimate. This is entirely up to you; you don’t have to take your car to their body shop. In the state of North Carolina by law, you can have your vehicle repaired anywhere you wish. This is your choice, not the insurance companies. They may tell you that if you take your vehicle to “XYZ” body shop they’ll guarantee the repairs for as long you own your vehicle. Any good, reputable body shop will stand behind their repairs; this is just a gimmick of the insurance company.

Another thing we here too often from customers is “I was really unhappy with the work they did”. Even though you may have already received your vehicle back from the body shop, never accept poor workmanship or bad repairs. You can always go back to the body shop and your insurance company and ask them to fix the items you’re dissatisfied with. You should expect that your vehicle be returned to you in its pre-wrecked condition.

Always choose a reputable body shop that has a good reputation and stands behind the work that they do. None of us enjoys having to have a vehicle repaired, but these simple steps should make the process a bit easier and get you back on the road safe and sound.

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